About the Company


“Boston Gulin Center Inc. is dedicated to helping students attain higher test scores, improve their learning skills, and earn the opportunity to have a rich educational experience in the United States. We strive to help students achieve their full potential and realize their dreams…”   

— Ken Zou, Founder

Boston Gulin Center Inc. (“BGC”) provides Chinese-speaking students with educational and consulting services in the US.  Its staff guides and advises students on how best to present themselves to U.S. schools through a targeted assessment of each student’s interests, values, abilities and goals; BGC provides guidance and mentorship throughout this sometimes grueling process.  BGC also provides academic support and advisory services for skills assessment, course counseling, time management, etc., as the core skill set for Chinese students to succeed in the US.  These services will be delivered both online and in classrooms.

BGC’s counseling services will also encompass assisting Chinese citizens and their entire families who relocate to the U.S. and may require some services as they transition to America and the American school environment.  BGC will also run camps for visiting Chinese students as they prepare for their studies in the U.S.  In addition, we will provide programs for Americans who are interested in visiting China and learning Mandarin and understanding the cultural differences and similarities between our two countries.