The Founder and Advisors at BGA each know from personal experience how difficult and intimidating it can be to arrive alone in the United States without adequate language skills, personal and professional contacts, a support network and specific cultural understanding of the US. We seek to eliminate those issues. BGA aids students and their families to make a smooth transition to their new surroundings. We do our best to meet the needs of our clients to make their life better and to make Boston the best place for them to study and live.

BGA focuses on long-term relationships. We seek to develop and refine the long-term goals of our students and families that result in their greatest success. Frequently, we meet and work with our student clients during tutoring and consulting in China. When these student clients arrive in the US, they are ready for the fast track to achieving their goals.

BGA has the resources and the experience to catapult our student clients to be successful. The Company’s unique position comes from the founders’ combined experience and networks in the areas of education and business in China and in America. The investors of BGA are all prominent business leaders with extensive business networks in China. Mr. Zou has worked and been educated in both China and the US and has established networks in business, culture and education. He draws from his extensive professional and personal experience with students, having been a teacher in China.

Mr. Zou has built a solid clientele over the last 20 years, assisting many Chinese families to formulate and realize their dreams and goals in education. From this, he has developed a reputation as reliable and forthright and always ready to assist his clientele with a wide range of services to make the transition to the US as smooth as possible. From the initial contact in China to the student client’s establishment as a resident in the US, Mr. Zou provides guidance at every stage of the journey.

The range of services offered by BGA extends far beyond the services conventionally offered in the Educational Consulting Industry. Apart from tutoring and exam-preparation services and consulting (academic, advisory, admission) services, the total package of services may include family and individual counseling, travel arrangements, housing assistance, and any other types of support our clients may need to adapt to life in the US.

For our College and Graduate School applicants, our Advisory Board members will provide enhanced services for our student clients. As our Advisory Board members are leaders in their own fields, they can effectively assist students with academic and career planning issues. Members will serve as advisors, mentors and network-builders.

For students attending middle and high schools, BGA will focus on boarding school or home-stay school selections. BGA will also spend quality time on student preparation and role-playing for school interviews.

BGA also is a platform allowing students and parents to build new connections and start new friendships and businesses in the US. In essence, BGA is your home away from home.