Management Team

Mr. Ken Zou
Founder and President

The Founder of BGA has lived for more than 26 years in the U.S., both as a student and as a working professional. He obtained his Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University in Boston in 1992 and his Masters of Science in Accountancy from Bentley University in Waltham, MA. Upon graduation, Mr. Zou passed all parts of the CPA exams on his first try and worked for Arthur Andersen LLC in Boston from 1994 to 1999 as a CPA. He later worked at Celerix Inc. in Cambridge as the Corporate Controller before returning to China in 2001.

Mr. Zou’s work in China was comprised of a combination of both corporate and teaching positions. As a business professional, he worked as a General Manager of Finance and Accounting at Taikang Life Insurance in Beijing and as CFO of Sinosafe General Insurance Ltd. in Shenzhen. During this time, Mr. Zou became involved in education. As a visiting professor, he taught accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He also lectured in Financial Management to the Executive Students at the School.

Mr. Ken Zou, over these past 20 years has advised many students on the best ways to attain an American education. He found tremendous satisfaction in helping Chinese students understand the nuances of coming to the US to pursue their educational goals. In the end, Mr. Zou decided to follow his own dream of helping Chinese students and their families follow theirs to the US.

Ms. Jia Tu
Assistant to the President

Ms. Jia Tu, as Assistant to the President of Boston Gulin Center, works directly with students and their parents to ensure that each individually developed Student Action Plan meets its benchmarks on standardized test preparation, application processes and academic studies.  Updates on the student’s progress are provided to parents on WeChat.  Ms. Tu acts as Lead Tutor for our students as they adapt to the rigors of a US education; this includes assisting students with their study skills, tutoring specific academic courses and providing practical insight into cultural differences and expectations about life in the US.  Ms. Tu holds a BA in Communication from China Agricultural University and an MS in Communication Management from Temple University.

Ms. Judith Pedersen
Vice President, Marketing

Ms. Judith Pedersen brings significant professional experience as an innovative teacher, writer, editor, business consultant, franchising advisor, real estate investor and broker, to the company. After earning both AB and MA degrees from Tufts University and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Boston University, Judith’s career has included teaching students (ages 12 through 80+) in foreign languages and English as a second language, business and educational strategies and tactics, developing businesses and real estate through optimizing personnel, raising investment capital, maximizing those investments and finding new opportunities for growth for these companies. Recently, Judith has also been working with Asian families to secure permanent housing in the highly competitive Boston-area real estate market.

Stella Cai
Senior Consultant

As a seasoned instructor of English in China, Mongolia and Tanzania, Stella brings her unique and time-tested methods of helping students learn not only the fundamentals of English but also the joy of expressing themselves in English verbally and through creative writing and reflection. Stella received her education in Beijing, Singapore, Australia, and the United States. She holds a BS in International Affairs from Georgetown University and a MS in Journalism from Columbia University. Her original reporting has been published in the Columbia News Service.  Stella’s skills in writing, editing and storytelling add a unique dimension to her work with every student and parent. Through her work, Stella hopes to encourage more students to travel and study internationally.