Summer / Winter Camps

BGA will create specific Summer Camp sessions for students and/or families, or for common-interest groups as determined by their personal needs and interests.  Camps can be geared toward music, art, math, theatre,  sports or any other specific interest.  We also offer regular English and Cultural Summer programs.  These programs focus on the development of excellent verbal and written English-language skills and other academic-learning skills in the morning, and then cultural activities, sightseeing and school visits in the afternoon and during weekends. We also teach what to expect in a typical American classroom and the skills required to excel in that environment.  Students will learn how best to adjust to student life in the US.  We also offer TOEFL, SSAT and SAT summer review courses for our students.

For Winter Camp, we focus mainly on school visits and interactive interview skills.  Our car services team is ready to bring you to your preferred schools comfortably and safely.

Summer Camp

We are looking forward to having you here!

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