First Year Supporting Program

The purpose of this program is to make sure each student is adjusting to the new environment quickly and smoothly.  This program includes the following services:

Plan your traveling and schedule plus pick-up

Before each student travels to the US, our advisors will communicate and coordinate with the parents on travel schedules and we will arrange to pick-up the student at the airport if they arrive in the Boston area.  We will assure they arrive at their school safely.

Visit the student and school for the parents

We will visit each student once a month and communicate all appropriate needs with the school and provide feedback to parents accordingly.

Arrange school vacation plans

We will arrange three major school vacation plans (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break) for the student.

Offer Tutoring

If the student needs tutoring we will coordinate with our teachers and come up with a suitable study plan.

Medical and insurance needs

Certain students may need dental and medical plan during the school year, we will arrange doctor visits and coordinate with the school and parents.

Please contact us for a free consulting session on this program.