College and University

Boston Gulin Academy works closely with you and the student to best select the school that most closely fit the needs of your child.  We follow these  steps to ensure that the fit between your child and the school meets your child’s needs so that maximum academic and personal growth can occur.

college-studentAt our initial meeting, BGA will meet and communicate with parents and students to assess and establish their goals, interests, and desired future experience, all in keeping with the students’ current academic standing; scores from TOEFL, SAT/ACT, and any other exams are factored into the profile. From this interview, BGA develops its core plan to move the students toward attaining their goals.

In order to develop a customized plan for each client, BGA spends concentrated time researching related information about private and public colleges and universities, big university or liberal arts colleges, considered as viable options to achieving the students’s goals. We normally include coverage of up to 10 schools for our base contract. If clients would like a larger selection, BGA will also prepare additional information for clients who have additional and specific questions.

At a second meeting, BGA will discuss with clients the initial plan that they have developed and review the specific schools that have been chosen as part of said plan. Based on client feedback, BGA may choose to amend the plan and refine the goals.

Once the initial plan is finalized, BGA will help the parents and students make a detailed schedule outlining the application process so that each student will be properly prepared to apply to the schools in which he/she has an interest. The most important support will be helping clients to prepare their application materials, including personal statement, resumes, cover letters, transcripts, interviews and recommendations. At the same time, BGA will also keep tracking the student’s academic progress and will address any and all questions or concerns with the student and his/her family.

BGA will assign one adviser to each student throughout the process. The advisor will have a detailed discussion with clients, in order to determine their background, academic experience, personality type, and any specific skills or advantages which could be leveraged throughout the process. During this stage, clients and students are free to update BGA at any time on changes with regard to their academic situation or any other relevant details.

Some family or student may have special or specific interests in certain fields of study; to optimize the academic experience, we may introduce an expert in their area to work with the students in plan development. Our experts have rich experience in related fields, they can analyze the student’s interests and the potential in order to provide guidance to the student for maximizing his/her academic experience.

When the application process begins, BGA will guide the students through the process and encourage them to work independently. BGA will assists with editing the essays and reviewing their information for completeness and accuracy.

When the student receives acceptance letters to colleges and universities, we work with families on the decision-making process for selecting the best school for their child’s needs.  Once the school is selected, BGA will assist in the process for procuring the Visa required for study in the US.
Travel to schools for campus visits or interviews can be arranged by BGA.  We will also arrange the initial trip for the student and family to Orientation at the new school.  We are able to provide and/or arrange car and guide services for students and their families in the US, if requested.