Translation and Interpreting Services

Conveying exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it is the hallmark of Boston Gulin Academy’s translation and interpreting services.

Do you have:

  • an email document that needs polishing before you hit Send?
  • an essay that will make the difference between being accepted or rejected at the school of your choice?
  • a term paper due that will determine your final grade?
  • a presentation to make to classmates or business executive peers that could take you to the next level?

Consider our top-notch services to give you an edge over your competition.

Our professionals provide:

  • Chinese-to-English written translations;
  • English-to-Chinese written translations;
  • Mandarin-to-English simultaneous and/or consecutive interpreting;
  • English-to-Mandarin simultaneous and/or consecutive interpreting.

Our turn-around time is typically very fast and our accuracy results are guaranteed.  Contact us today.  If you need an interpreter to be with you while traveling in the United States, Boston Gulin Center can also arrange all travel services to accommodate your needs.