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Accommodation Services

Moving across the globe can be daunting, but it’s so much more challenging for a youngster making his or her way in the world on their own for the first time. Boston Gulin Academy, Inc helps Chinese students and their families choose schools that will fit their skills, expectations, and goals, and help them through tutoring services, particularly in the Boston area. Have troubles to find houses and settle down? Don’t worry about these concerns !!! Boston Gulin Academy will help you solve all these problems. We will make travel arrangements and schedules for students and their families, help them secure travel visas, book hotels, find new houses or move to settle and also buy furniture. Boston Gulin Academy is devoting to helping our students to feel comfort and cozy and enjoy their new lives in US.

Provided Services List: Travel Accommodation Services (Book hotels, tickets and arrange travel plans)

House Searching Services (including short-term and long-term house)

Shopping Services (Furniture or other products)


Test Preparation & Tutoring

Which tests to take, how to prepare tests and when to these test are very important to students. Boston Gulin Academy has a long history of achieving helping our students prepare standard tests such as ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, AP, SAT, TOFEL, GMAT, GRE AND other tests. Boston Gulin Academy has a abundant experiences to explore tests design, implement strategic solutions, and practice on hundreds of authentic test questions.

Besides, we also target to Chinese students and their families to help them adapt the education style, review courses and improve the course scores including math, biology, science, history and writing essays.


Visiting Program:

Boston Gulin Academy offers summer and winter academic programs for middle school and high school students from China and the United States. We offer Chinese language lessons as well as summer and winter camp opportunities for American students who are interested in learning Chinese and who want to visit China. We are also partnering with firms in China and the United States to create specific programs for those just visiting.


Early Exposure

Students are able to better adapt to America and ready themselves for subjects through the examples presented. Camp normally runs two to four weeks and includes English classes, American history, reading, writing, grammar, sports, activities, and historical and cultural events. Our goal is for students to experience a real, relaxing environment and make changing to the new school system easier.