special program:
Middle School, High School Supporting Services Program:
The purpose of this program is to make sure each student is adjusting the new environment quickly and smoothly.  It includes the following services:
a) Before each student comes, our advisor will communicate with the parents on travel schedules and we will pick up the student at the airport if they come to Boston area.  We will assist that they arrive in school safely.
b) We will visit the student once a month and communicate the needs with school and provide the feedbacks to parents accordingly;
c) We will arrange three major school vacation plans during the first year for the student;
d) If the student needs tutoring we will arrange our teachers and come up with a studying plan.
Please contact us for a free consulting session on this program.
3) In “Why Gulin Academy?” section, please include the following ideas, among others:
a) We focus on your needs and we also understand fully the concerns of the families and students.
b) Our advisors will get to know well as we start the Tutoring sessions and we also can work with you on the admission process, so when you come, we already know each other well, and we can quickly help you.
c) We focus on the long-term and your success in life;
d) We have the resources and the experiences that you need to be successful.